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Announcement = Lections, Hebrew and Greek notes, now being posted at another website

This is important. For the past several months I have been posting Lections, Hebrew notes, Greek notes, and even sermons at another website. I can tell from the Stats (how many people visit this website, where they live, which posts) … Continue reading

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Sermon = Drink (from) the Rock (Exodus 17)

Sermon = Drink from the rock Text = Exodus 17 Sunday = 17th Pentecost (A) Presentation_Exodus17_17PentecostA_20171001 (PPTX) Drink… from the mud? *** In the movie Walkabout Two children – teenage girl and her little brother – are lost in the Australian … Continue reading

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Genesis 50:20, Euripedes, and the moral algebra of divine providence

Who is responsible for the Trojan War? I purchased and have been enjoying greatly “Greek Tragedy” by Professor Elizabeth Vandiver. I was intrigued by the lecture “Euripedes on War and Women” and various ways the Greek playwrights dealt with the … Continue reading

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SERMON = Toward an Eschatological Missiology (Revelation 21)

Nb – I consider this one of the better sermons I have prepared. Largely because of how I interpret the “holy city” in Revelation 21. Toward an Eschatological Missiology or Mapping the Holy (City/People) Revelation 21 7th Sunday of Easter (C) 2007 … Continue reading

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