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They were from Bethlehem – full stop

For years I have habitually merged the birth narrative in Matthew with the birth narrative in Luke. I have in mind the geography of the birth narratives. Matthew basically tells us Jesus was born in Bethlehem. An angel appeared to … Continue reading

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REPOSTED = Brad Schaefer – Michael Molnar and the Star of Bethlehem

(Reposted from October 2014.) A wonderful young man who grew up in this parish and completed his undergraduate and graduate studies (and postdoc?) in Astronomy at Louisiana State University let me know about a special seminar yesterday. Professor Brad Schaefer (whose … Continue reading

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Parker solar probe drawings

A little unusual but very interesting. HT Arthur Krull of the Spade Modlers Mailing List. Planned launch is July 31 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. _Initial Determination Letter

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Sermon – “The Intrusion(s) of Heaven” (or) “Die himmlische Gemeinschaft” (Ephesians 1)

Republished from 2013-05-12 – This might be one of my most theologically significant sermons. “The Intrusion(s) of Heaven” (or) “Die himmlische Gemeinschaft” Ephesians 1 Ascension Sunday (C) May 12, 2013 The Intrusion(s) of Heaven – PPTX The Intrusion(s) of Heaven – PDF … Continue reading

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