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Different ways to use words are not facts (or) Embryo fetus person

During the last couple weeks there have been a few examples of people tweeting rather loudly that a fetus is not a person. And women who have experienced a miscarriage have pushed back hard saying – among other things – … Continue reading

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We had to wreck the church in order to save* it

“We had to destroy the village in order to save it”. Is a somewhat famous quote from the conflict in Vietnam. It is an altered version of something an American officer reportedly said to (or in the hearing of) AP … Continue reading

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Afternoon coffee 2017-09-12 – Nashville and speaking Christianly

Matthew Lee Anderson, “Evangelicalism’s flight 93 moment: Reflections on the Nasvhille statement” at Mere Orthodoxy =¬† Anderson went quiet for a while in order to concentrate on his doctoral studies. Either he graduated or is far enough along that he … Continue reading

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Morning coffee 2016-08-28 – Churchianity and compromise

Vox Day, “What is churchianity” at Vox Populi =¬† Perhaps I have linked to something by Vox Day at least once before. Vox Day is hard to describe briefly. Game designer and now publisher along with several other interests and … Continue reading

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