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When good and intelligent people say stupid things

This will probably be a rather unfocused post. Something that has surprised me over the last few years is how often I see otherwise good and intelligent people say or write things that are – to be perfectly blunt – … Continue reading

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Different ways to use words are not facts (or) Embryo fetus person

During the last couple weeks there have been a few examples of people tweeting rather loudly that a fetus is not a person. And women who have experienced a miscarriage have pushed back hard saying – among other things – … Continue reading

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They were from Bethlehem – full stop

For years I have habitually merged the birth narrative in Matthew with the birth narrative in Luke. I have in mind the geography of the birth narratives. Matthew basically tells us Jesus was born in Bethlehem. An angel appeared to … Continue reading

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A parody of Marcionism in one paragraph

Derek Rishmawy, “The Cure that Killed the Patient (or, sorry, Zahnd, Marcionism isn’t the better option) at Reformedish = Rishmaway has a strong background in ministry with college students and is pursing a doctorate in Systematic Theology at Trinity … Continue reading

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