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One year later -> Two years later

Republished from 2018-06-25. It is one year almost two years after I left the church where I served for 18 years. We were committed to leaving well. By which I mean leaving on good terms and on a positive note. … Continue reading

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Different ways to use words are not facts (or) Embryo fetus person

During the last couple weeks there have been a few examples of people tweeting rather loudly that a fetus is not a person. And women who have experienced a miscarriage have pushed back hard saying – among other things – … Continue reading

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Neglecting the Old Testament

Joshua Heavin, “The danger of neglecting the Old Testament” at Mere Orthodoxy = Heavin lives in Dallas and is a PhD candidate at Trinity College Bristol, University of Aberdeen. (I find it interesting how many scholars  in the United … Continue reading

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Morning coffee 2018-05-17 – Stop breathing the air

Mark Bauerlein, “Business to avoid if you can” at First Things = Short simple and to the point. Bauerlein lists 37 businesses that that signed on to an amicus brief filed by the Human Rights Commission with the United States Supreme … Continue reading

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