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Announcement = Lections, Hebrew and Greek notes, now being posted at another website

This is important. For the past several months I have been posting Lections, Hebrew notes, Greek notes, and even sermons at another website. I can tell from the Stats (how many people visit this website, where they live, which posts) … Continue reading

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Morning coffee 2016-05-25 – Zakaria and the seventy two penal substitutionary atonement virgins

Brett (= ?), “CNN’s ‘Why They Hate Us’ examines the Quran’s promise of 72 raisins” at Twitchy = This is a little hard to go back and explain. Might be easier to quote from the post. Fareed Zakaria is still … Continue reading

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Aramaic short vowel chart

I published a scanned version before but have recreated the first page – and most basic, simple version of the chart – in Microsoft Word. Some of you might be familiar with the short vowel chart for biblical Hebrew which … Continue reading

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Handout – Basic introduction to textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible

Prepared for a course I taught on Intermediate Biblical Hebrew. I am not a text critic nor the son of a text critic. But it is important and I tried to give the students a basic introduction. Introduction to Textual … Continue reading

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