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They were from Bethlehem – full stop

For years I have habitually merged the birth narrative in Matthew with the birth narrative in Luke. I have in mind the geography of the birth narratives. Matthew basically tells us Jesus was born in Bethlehem. An angel appeared to … Continue reading

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Morning coffee 2018-06-27 – When reverence and civility are dead (or) le deluge

In the last couple weeks we have seen an increase in public figures (generally members of the Trump administration) being heckled harassed accosted protested while out in public doing “private” things (like visiting a restaurant or watching a movie with … Continue reading

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Afternoon no coffee 2018-06-25 – Original sin and Adam

John Farrell, “Saving Adam: Evolution and Original Sin” at Commonweal = A longish article that explores the relationship between historical and dogmatic theology regarding the first human beings and original sin on the one hand and on the other hand … Continue reading

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Hebrew notes = the Satanic collection

Originally posted on Mangy Dog:
Most of the chapters in the Hebrew Bible wherein the noun/verb שׂטן appears. For seminar at Louisiana State University this afternoon. Numbers 22b (DOCX) Numbers 22 (PDF) Job 1-2 Job 1-2 1 Chronicles 21 1 Chronicles 21 Zechariah 3 Zechariah…

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