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They were from Bethlehem – full stop

For years I have habitually merged the birth narrative in Matthew with the birth narrative in Luke. I have in mind the geography of the birth narratives. Matthew basically tells us Jesus was born in Bethlehem. An angel appeared to … Continue reading

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REPOSTED = Brad Schaefer – Michael Molnar and the Star of Bethlehem

(Reposted from October¬†2014.) A wonderful young man who grew up in this parish and completed his undergraduate and graduate studies (and postdoc?) in Astronomy at Louisiana State University let me know about a special seminar yesterday. Professor Brad Schaefer (whose … Continue reading

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Neglecting the Old Testament

Joshua Heavin, “The danger of neglecting the Old Testament” at Mere Orthodoxy = Heavin lives in Dallas and is a PhD candidate at Trinity College Bristol, University of Aberdeen. (I find it interesting how many scholars¬† in the United … Continue reading

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A one interview response to the New Marcionism by Tom Wright

(Marcion is the one on the right. Looks like someone defaced him) Andrew Wilson, “Tom Wright Skewers the New Marcionism” at Think Theology = A short article which includes an excerpt of an interview with Tom Wright by Andrew … Continue reading

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