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They were from Bethlehem – full stop

For years I have habitually merged the birth narrative in Matthew with the birth narrative in Luke. I have in mind the geography of the birth narratives. Matthew basically tells us Jesus was born in Bethlehem. An angel appeared to … Continue reading

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SERMON = Nous sommes Elijah (1 Kings 19)

Nous sommes Elijah Text = 1 Kings 19 5th Sunday of Pentecost (C) Ed. I was not happy with how the sermon came out. Thought it was simplistic. But the feedback was very positive. Theme = We all need to do … Continue reading

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SERMON = Toward an Eschatological Missiology (Revelation 21)

Nb – I consider this one of the better sermons I have prepared. Largely because of how I interpret the “holy city” in Revelation 21. Toward an Eschatological Missiology or Mapping the Holy (City/People) Revelation 21 7th Sunday of Easter (C) 2007 … Continue reading

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Morning coffee 2015-06-17 – Hell and food deserts

Eric Jobe, “Resurrection and Theosis: The Ancient West Semitic Record” at Departing Horeb = Jobe either is finishing up or has recently finished his doctorate at University of Chicago. His studies are similar to mine although (among other things) he seems … Continue reading

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