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REPOSTED = Brad Schaefer – Michael Molnar and the Star of Bethlehem

(Reposted from October 2014.) A wonderful young man who grew up in this parish and completed his undergraduate and graduate studies (and postdoc?) in Astronomy at Louisiana State University let me know about a special seminar yesterday. Professor Brad Schaefer (whose … Continue reading

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Neglecting the Old Testament

Joshua Heavin, “The danger of neglecting the Old Testament” at Mere Orthodoxy = Heavin lives in Dallas and is a PhD candidate at Trinity College Bristol, University of Aberdeen. (I find it interesting how many scholars  in the United … Continue reading

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Ulrich Lehner and the prevalence of Pelagian thinking post-Enlightenment

I am reading through a short but powerful book God Is Not Nice by Ulrich Lehner. I am taking notes which I plan to publish along with a short review. In the meantime Lehner calls out the Christian church for giving … Continue reading

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Hebrew notes = the Satanic collection

Originally posted on Mangy Dog:
Most of the chapters in the Hebrew Bible wherein the noun/verb שׂטן appears. For seminar at Louisiana State University this afternoon. Numbers 22b (DOCX) Numbers 22 (PDF) Job 1-2 Job 1-2 1 Chronicles 21 1 Chronicles 21 Zechariah 3 Zechariah…

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